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Dear Transgender Kids: I Have Your Back


Dear LGBTQ+ Kids,

In the past few weeks, several states have introduced bills singling out LGBT and gender-diverse children. As a result of these bills, children and adolescents may be excluded from participation in school sports, banned from obtaining books and media that reflect their own lived experience, and restrict healthcare delivery for gender-diverse children and adolescents.

As a member of the education technology and children’s media communities, I have centered my professional life and career on children and teens' well-being. I have created media, lesson plans, and other kids' tween and teen content that encourages children to be inclusive, kind, and empathetic.

I Pledge To Fight For You.

  • I recognize health care and your right to an education as basic human rights and I oppose any laws and regulations that discriminate against transgender and gender-diverse people, especially children and teens. I will fight for your right to health care.

  • I feel that one of the best ways to show solidarity with transgender and gender-diverse children is to pledge to be an upstander ally and defender of your rights.
  • I will continue to educate others on the principles of diversity, inclusion, and belonging so that they can imagine an alternative to bigotry and exclusion.

  • I will fight for you to be seen and represented in books, film, and media. 

To transgender, LGBTQ+, and gender-diverse kids: I have your back.

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