Weekly Wrap: Privacy is Dead, Guide to Social Media and Kids, Yahoo Music Video Search, Millennial TV Stereotypes & More!

Barking.robot.iconPrivacy is Dead: Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, Fitbit and the SenseCam give us a simple choice: participate or fade into a lonely obscurity. The last method, the SenseCam, can be worn around your neck, and takes a photo of your life every 30 seconds. This post gives an in depth explanation as to how the high price of not capturing and sharing every moment of our lives will soon dwarf the cost to our privacy. [CNN]

Pocket Guide to Social Media & Kids: When is a phone not a phone? In the hands of children and tweens, today’s cell phones are primarily used as text messaging devices, cameras, gaming consoles, video viewers, MP3 players, and incidentally, as mobile phones via the speaker capability so their friends can chime in on the call. Parents are getting dialed in to the social media phenomenon and beginning to understand—and limit—how children use new media. [Nielsen Wire]

Times Publisher Compares Print Media to Iceberg: NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. responds to the question of what advice he has for people going into journalism. His response, comparing to the Titanic, is not what you think. He reminds people that the airplane was actually invented 12 years before the Titanic set sail. See how he compares that to journalism and the future of newspapers. [NY Magazine]

Suicidal Teen Saved by Facebook: A teen who posted a Facebook suicide note was saved after a frantic international race-against-time rescue. [Star]

New Blackberry Bold Targeting Gen Y: The flagship BlackBerry Bold 9700 was today launched in Sydney, with the manufacturer, Research in Motion, targeting the nascent Y Generation as a key new demographic. (Thanks to YPulse for the heads up!) [Current]

Yahoo! Adds Music Video Search: Starting today, you can easily dive into albums and songs by your favorite music artist in Yahoo! Video Search. We have hooked into the “Web of Things” to intelligently extract the most popular albums and songs for artist or band queries. This feature lets you explore music artists intuitively and easily. [Yahoo! Search Blog]

Defying Labels Millennials Are Leaving Their Mark on TV: That simplistic kind of presentation of youth on TV has shown its limits over the decades; easy-to-read stereotypes no longer seem credible. It’s archaic to define young TV characters at a glance, to merely stamp them with shorthand labels such as “popular kid’’ or “jock.’’ [Boston Globe]

Electronic Arts Introduces Flip e-books for DS: Electronic Arts is confident that its new Flips range of e-books for kids can not only be a sales success – but actually widen the audience of Nintendo’s DS. (Thanks Matthew!) [MCV]

Forests Cleared to Make Children's Books: New report reveals that a significant amount of deforestation in Asia's tropical forests is caused by the production of kid's books. (Hat Tip @Michael Pinto) [Mother Nature Network]

Queen Rania|Stop Ignoring the Girls!: Global leaders are overlooking one of their most valuable weapons in the fight against everything from climate change to economic turmoil. [Daily Beast]

Social Web Tips for Teens: Today part of parenting is learning about all the technology our kids are using.  This is not an easy task and for many of us that didn't grow up in "cyberspace" it can be daunting. Related: Amy James on technology and your kids. [Examiner] [Knowledge Essentials]

Teens, TV & TV 2.0

If you believe everything you read, you’ll know that teens aren’t watching TV anymore. They are all watching online videos, downloading movies and file sharing the newest episode of Gossip Girl. Broadcast TV is dead to them.

The reality is probably a little less palatable. Teens are watching more TV than they ever have. They are also spending more and more of their daily lives online. We are all aware of teens ability to multi-task, but here we are talking about Media-Meshing.

Teens are able to consume more than two media at any one time. The best bit for us is that they cross-reference one with another. TV will deliver the scale, online delivers the immersion. It’s a beautiful thing. The point is simple, neither TV or the Internet are silos, they are intimately woven together. (via ThreeBillion)

Kids on the Future of TV

These days it's tough to be in the TV business. The widespread adoption of social networking, DVR's, cable television, time shifted viewing habits, and on-demand streaming video on the web allow viewers to watch TV on their own schedule and preferred media distribution platform (TV, computer or even mobile phone). 

There are lots of indicators that show that most teens, young adults and even adults are consuming more and more "traditional" TV content via streaming video sites like Hulu, TV.com , Vevo or YouTube.

So what's the future of TV?

In this video from his presentation at TED, Peter Hirshberg talks about the ongoing tension between the technology and television communities. Mr. Hirshberg provides an interesting history of entertainment technology, television and digital media. And oh, the atomic bomb. (Yes, really!)

As part of his presentation, he sat down and asked some teens and asked them to share their thoughts on television and the Internet. Their responses aren't surprising.

For these teens, the Internet is the big dog. TV? Uhm, not so much. The bottom line is that the Internet is changing the way we watch TV.

Call for New Members: Ypulse Youth Advisory Board

Ypluse, a leading consultancy on youth marketing, culture and media, has just announced that for the 2009/2010 term they are opening up 10 more slots to join their Ypulse Youth Advisory Board.

They are looking for diversity in age, race, geography and experience, but most importantly strong opinions about youth culture that will inform and challenge the ongoing discussion around media and marketing on Ypulse. This opportunity is open to any youth between the ages of 13 and 24.

Since the meetings are done on a virtual platform it doesn't matter where you live! So regardless if you're in Johannesburg, Sydney, Osaka, Baghdad or Paris, Texas--you can apply to join the Ypulse Youth Advisory Board.

You can get all the details over on Ypulse!

Hey You! Go Vote for Josh Shipp!

Josh Shipp, a youth guru and all around nice guy, is currently being featured by INC Magazine as one of America's Coolest Young Entrepreneurs in an annual vote they call, '30 Under 30'.

It will seriously only take you 5 seconds and we would all love to see Josh win the contest for the sake of teens today (who we all know need some help).

For more detail, you can go to HeyJosh.com to connect with Josh through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc...

Weekly Wrap: Coca-Cola's Teen Mobile Marketing Strategy, Social Media Statute of Limitations, Facebook Privacy, Youth in Revolt & More!!

Coca-Cola Targeting Teens with Mobile Marketing StrategyMillennial's are using their handsets to communicate, consume media and befriend brands more than at any point in the past and as a result Coca-Cola is increasingly turning towards mobile marketing to reach the teenage and young-adult generations. [mViews]

At-Risk Students Make Multimedia: A team of college professors and K-12 teachers discovers how building video games can elevate student performance. [Edutopia]

Games lessons: Since the beginning of mass education, schools have relied on what is known in educational circles as “chalk and talk”. Abandoning it, though, is what Katie Salen hopes to do. It sounds like a cop-out, but the future of schooling may lie with video games. [Economist]

Blog, poke, twitter and be damned: We need a 'statute of limitations on stupidity' for our youthful online indiscretions – otherwise only the drones will thrive. (AMEN!) [Guardian]

(List) What the Internet is Killing: The article is hardly surprising given the massive shifts the Internet brings to society, but it does raise a debate about what will be missed from a bygone era and what will be rightly forgotten. [PSFK]

U.S. Universities Plan Course to Navigate the Mobile Learning Curve: It is imperative that colleges and universities around the country include mobile as part of their marketing communications strategy if they want to continue to attract, retain and satisfy students and school supporters.

Platogo: user-generated content comes to browser gaming: It's a fascinating endeavour, and there seems to be a real emphasis on quality rather than quantity - the UGC stuff is also nicely implemented in the games I've played. [Guardian]

Tweet O' the Week: "I really have become addicted to Klondike bars for breakfast... they're like square frozen bowls of cereal --- they're practically vitamins." (via @DougCoupland)

Youth in Revolt: The plot of this teen film feels episodic, but not in a bad way, with Arteta squeezing an impressive number of set pieces into 90 minutes. Well-placed animated sequences -- a mix of stop-motion and CGI -- keep things moving along at a perky clip. [Variety]

10 Tips to Safeguard Your Privacy on Facebook: Facebook statistics show that it has 250 million active users each with an average 120 friends. More than 1 billion photos are uploaded every month by its users, over 70% of whom use applications like games and quizzes in Facebook. This guide will show what you can (and cannot) do to safeguard your Facebook privacy. [MakeUseOf.com]

Speed Round: Ypulse posted this hillarious list of 'Random Thoughts of People Our Age', TechFlash wonders if New Google is the Old Microsoft, Mike Schmid--one of the talented musician's who backs up  Miley Cyrus on her tour has a List of Rules for all you tweens and finally....in the UK Boy Scouts have been forbidden to Carry Pen Knives! [BangItOut.com] [TechFlash] [It's All True] [Free Range Kids]

Weekly Wrap: Girl Scouts Launch LMK, Texting & Teen Brains, Kia 'Soul Collective', Coca-Cola's Sounds of Buzz, Twitter & Mourning for Michael Jackson, 2010 Twilight Convention, Yodeling Mamas & More

Girl Scouts & Microsoft Launch Online Safety Site: LMK (text speak for 'Let Me Know') was created with help from teens and from industry experts, to provide teens with the know-how to safely navigate their digital life and help parents to understand what their teens are doing online. Which is a good thing, since a research conducted by Common Sense Media  found that most parents are pretty clueless what their kids are doing on social sites. [Girl Scouts of America] [Common Sense Media]

University of California 11th Campus Online? : The University of California's 10 campuses, facing severe budget cuts, may no longer be able to educate as many students as before. One surprising solution in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece: Open an 11th campus, online. Which, according to a new study reports that online education actually beats face-to-face classroom learning, might not be such a bad idea. [Chronicle of Higher Education] [Ypulse]

Kia "Soul Collective': In an effort to deepen their ties with youth, Kia has also launched a nationwide, youth-oriented program, titled "Kia Presents The Soul Collective." As part of the campaign, Kia is partnering with young and modern thought leaders, brought together to form The Soul Collective, from different disciplines including music, film, design, and gaming to show exactly "how they roll" through their respective mediums. [Barking Robot] [Kia Motors America]

Coca-Cola & BuzzNet 'Sounds of Buzz': Coke, BuzzNet & Stereogum are partnering together on a site that provides live concert & music festival updates, music videos, news & ticketing information. So, are you ready for American Idiot the musical? Also, PacSun, the premier surf clothing wear company, has a newly updated music site. Check it out, it's pretty sweet! [BuzzNet] [PacSun] 

Tweet O' The Week: "I swear one day I'll be able to convince some members of my family that new technology isn't just a fad." (via @plasticbagUK) [Twitter]

Texting may rewire young brains: Texting is not only a nuisance for teachers struggling to keep their students' attention - it's a brain-altering habit, according to a new study. Researchers say text messaging trains young people to be speedy yet sloppy. [The Globe & Mail, via @sydneyeve]

Troubled Teens Learn Culinary Lessons: Founded in 1982, the Teen Home serves girls who are pregnant or new moms. The facility can house up to 12 girls and their babies, many of whom have been ordered into state custody or are homeless. A juvenile-court judge has recruited a world renowned chef to teach them the culinary basics. [Salt Lake Tribune]

Yodeling Mamas: Yahoo! has launched 'Yodeling Mamas' a new parenting blog written by Yahoos who are moms, including--Jeanne Moeschler--one of my favorite Yahoos! She was a great advocate of the Yahoo! For Teachers & Ypulse Totally Wired Teacher Award. [Yahoo!]

Speed Round: UK Music research highlights the complexity of music consumption in 14-24 year-olds, the folks at @WebEcology analyzed expressions of sadness on Twitter when mourning Michael Jackson, Pew Internet reports that teens' use of mobiles has increased recently (but may not be as pervasive as you think), Twilighters are the new Trekkies, Time Warner and YouTube team up to carry Cartoon Network clips & ad sales, Gossip Girl is also making its way to YouTube, some are claiming that mobile phones have achieved more than other types of aid in Africa, Nissan hopes kids will Live Wired, Die Young and finally......Beloit College professors hope their annual 'Mindset List' is an antidote to ‘Boomer arrogance'. [UK Music] [Web Ecology] [Pew Internet] [Creation Entertainment] [Bloomberg] [YouTube Blog] [All Africa] [MediaPost] [USA Today]

Weekly Wrap: Sears to Sell Toys (Again), MTV Mobile Marketing, Riley Project for Charity Water, Virtual Goods & Britney Spears, Cheskin on Chinese Youth & Facebook for Grandma

Return to Toyland: Sears, famous for its Christmas Wish Book, has announced that it's returning to the toy business in time for the holiday season. Also, Costco has pulled a controversial doll from its shelves after customers complained it was racist. [LA Times] [KTLA]

MTV Youth Marketing Uses Mobile to Promote Setting Goals: MTV launched a new multi-platform advertising initiative inviting youth to publicly share something they feel strongly about. [MobileMarketer]

The Riley Project: After learning that 5,000 kids die a day because they do not have clean water, 7-yr-old Riley Goodfellow wanted to see what 5000 kids dying a day looked like. She drew 5,000 lines to help people understand how many kids die a day. It took her about 4 days to make the lines. Riley is now collecting donations to fund new wells in Africa through one of my favorite organizations--Charity Water. [Riley Project] [Charity:Water]

NAEP on Technical Literacy: The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) has released a draft framework for the national assessment of technological literacy, the first to gauge students’ understanding of and skill in using a range of tools, has been presented to the board that oversees the testing program. [Education Week]

Virtual Goods, Real Money: Virtual goods represent one of the strongest ways that marketers and retailers can get involved with virtual worlds, and their popularity in social networks has increased with the opening up of the Facebook platform. This potential gold mine has inspired Britney Spears to launch her own line of virtual gifts on Facebook. [eMarketer] [Britney Spears.com]

Less than 1/20 Social Networkers Pay Attention to Ads: Research out today by LinkShare (via the Internet Advertising Bureau) shows that only 4% of users have ever clicked on an advert on a social network. [Social Media Today]

Miley's Choice: Over on Ypulse, Anastasia Goodstein has an excellent essay about Miley Cyrus' and her risque "pole dance" performance on the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. [Ypulse.com]

Tweet O' the Week: "One of the few holy traditions that Christians, Jews, and Muslims all hold sacred in common? S'mores." (via @sacca)

Cheskin on Chinese Youth Culture: China’s New Culture of Cool provides answers to these questions and more. LiAnne Yu, Cynthia Chan and Christopher Ireland take a fresh, easy-to-read look at the emerging, affluent and influential middle class of China. [Cheskin]

Speed Round: A 11-year old interviews President Obama, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is bullish on mobile phones in the classroom, research conducted by Common Sense Media found that parents aren't hip to what their teens are doing online (shock! awe!), Ars Technia has compiled an excellent privacy guide for Facebook (thanks Anastasia!) and Rookie Moms has a Facebook guide for grandma, Glyndŵr University is hosting a conference on how youth and community work practice can respond to the digital transformation of society, and finally........CNN asks if the Twitterati can sell your soda pop! [ABC News] [Tech Disruptions] [Common Sense Media] [Ars Technia] [Rookie Moms] [Glyndŵr University] [CNN]

Music 2.0: MTV Survey, MySpace Mobile, Twitter & Music, Warner Music Tax

MTV Survey Warns Of Loud Music's Impact on Hearing: MTV study on loud music & hearing loss looks to media, health pros to raise prevention awareness. [Ypulse]

MySpace: A Place For Phones:
One question the effort to refocus on entertainment raises is how the shift affects the site's mobile strategy. Earlier this year, MySpace CEO Chris De Wolfe expressed big ambitions for the company's mobile business. [MediaPost]

10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter: Turns out, there are plenty of ways to share tunes on Twitter as well. Here are ten of the best ways to tweet about what you’re listening to. [Mashable]

Fewer Teens Share Music Illegally: The survey of 1,000 fans also shows that many14 to 18 year olds are now streaming music regularly online using services such as YouTube and Spotify. [Guardian UK]

Twitter Music Chart: A Billboard Hot 100 for Twitter? Since so much music is shared on the microblogging service, it’s possible to use this data to figure out which songs are attracting the most buzz, much like Twitter’s trending topics. [Mashable]

Search Engines for Music Lovers: If you have trouble finding music on the Web, you'll be happy to know there are search engines designed specifically for finding your favorite tunes. They can help you stream everything from Top 40 hits to classics. [CNET]

EMI is Screwed. Utterly Screwed: What is EMI’s role in this new music ecology? [Music Think Tank]

Five Ways the Mobile Phone will Change How You Listen to Music: The portable music revolution has only been with us for a few years, but we may already be on the cusp of the another paradigm shift. [Wired]

British Music Ranks Number One on the World Scale:  According to a new survey, one in three Americans agreed that when it comes to popular music, the Brits hit the right notes. [Transatlanticism]

Music Marketing Lessons From Groove Armada And Neko Case: In an interesting study in contrasts, this past week we’ve come across two artists who are taking slightly different approaches to arrive at the same goal: to get you to listen to their latest album and share it with your friends. [Ypulse]

Warner Music Pitches Music Tax To Universities: You Pay, We Stop Suing: The idea would be to get various ISPs to simply add an additional fee to everyone’s internet access, have that money go into a pool that the recording industry would be responsible for paying out — and then let people have free reign for file sharing. We hadn’t heard much about this music tax lately, but apparently attention is now being focused on getting universities to buy into the plan. [TechDirt]

Weekly Wrap: Social Media, TV & Michael Jackson, Captain EO, Video Game Tips for Parents, Teens Leaving Facebook, Bruno & MySpace, Adam Lambert on Michael Jackson

Social Media, TV, Michael Jackson & Saying Goodbye to the 'King of Pop': Michael Jackson's  memorial service garnered huge numbers on TV, but it also did big numbers on the social web. Facebook and CNN teamed up again to provide a live stream of Jackson's memorial and allow viewer to simultaneously share their thoughts on Facebook. Also worth a read is John Morton's post on 'The Passing of Michael Jackson & Mass Media.'

Over on Ypulse.com, Ypulse Youth Advisory Board member Nina shares who 'Michael Jackson was to Today's Teens.' In other related news, Disney may re-release the 3D Jackson space fantasy multimedia experience/film 'Captain Eo' and American Idol alum Adam Lambert shares his thoughts on Michael Jackson. [TechCrunch] [eWeek] [SuperGeekery.com] [Ypulse.com] [Examiner] [YouTube] [Rolling Stone]

Declaration of Independence from Social Media (For One Day): "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for people to dissolve the digital bands which have connected them with all of their friends they haven’t seen since preschool, and to assume a life away from the computer for one day, a respect for other Internet users requires that the person should declare the causes which cause them to separate from social media for that day." (Very clever and worth reading!) [Examiner]

Bing Now Bigger Than Digg, Twitter & CNN: According to Compete.com, Bing was able to amass 49.57 million unique visitors in its first month as Microsoft’s official search engine. Bing’s traffic trumps that of Digg 38.96 million) Twitter (23 million), and CNN (28.54 million). We want to note that this focuses on U.S. visitors, since Compete does not track international visits. [Mashable]

Tweet of the Week: "If Google bought Twitter, it wouldn't get a new feature for 3 years. If Apple bought it, tweets would be .99 but you'd get a 10 character preview." [@DanielFlorien]

Raising a Healthy Gamer: Parenting is always a tough job, and video games are a tricky subject in today's families. Ars offers a no-BS guide to dealing with gaming and your children, and their advice is simple: you know your children better than anyone else.

Also be sure to check out video game parenting tips from the folks over at Microsoft & XBox 360 along with safety tips from Yahoo!, Disney and AOL. Just keep in mind that your kid is probably smart enough to hack your parental controls. [ARS Technica] [Yahoo! Safely] [AOL Parental Controls]

How to connect to Today's Millenials: Shop-Eat-Surf has a recap of a presentation given by Michael Wood, the Senior VP of Syndicated Research at Teen Research Unlimited (TRU), at the SIMA Boot Camp on understanding today's millennials. Hat tip to Group Y Sports for the heads up! [Shop Eat Surf]

Kids, Video Games, Learning & Health
: The Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH) has a good analysis of the Game Changer: Investing in digital play to advance children's learning and health report released by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. [CMCH]

One Last Thing: Check out this mashup of the Michael Jackson classic 'Billie Jean' by Soulwax (great, great stuff!), Julia Fallon offers advice for educators Lost in Web 2.0 Cyberspace (pdf), a must-read article with fantastic ideas for teaching kids about media literacy & body image (thanks @tandrusiak!), as grandpa & grandma join Facebook--teens begin to bail, according to new research from BabyCenter 39% of moms report that they make 'net time' their quiet time, Crain's New York Business wonders if Bruno can save MySpace, and finally...don't tell Al Gore, but the environment is not the number one social cause among college students (pdf). [YouTube] [Princial Leadership] [MyHighPlains.com] [Read Write Web] [Crain's New York Business] [SurveyU]

Weekly Wrap: Mobile Phones & Toddlers, Under 30 CEOs, Teens & TV, Summer of Social Good, Social Branding, Facebook Filters

New Bravo Show Will Let Viewers Interact via Tweet, Email, Phone, Video & Facebook: NBC Universal-owned cable channel, Bravo, on Monday announced plans to launch an interactive TV series, entitled “Watch What Happens: Live.” It's good to see that someone gets that there in TV-land understands that there is a huge media shift taking place and that holding on to the old media model with a death grip, just isn't going to work. [Interactive TV Today]

Iranian Youth, Mobiles & Social Media: Despite the government crack down, Revolution 2.0 continues to move along, thanks in large part to Iranian Millennial's and their savvy use of  mobile and social networking technologies. [Mobile Youth] [Mobile Youth Marketing Trends & Clips] [Barking Robot]

Mobile Toddlers: Despite bans by other European countries, a new mobile phone being targeted to toddlers is heading to the sticky hands of wee ones in both the UK and Ireland. A new UK study found that 50% of British children aged 5 to 9 own a mobile phone.

Mobile youth culture continues to flourish in Japan, with Disney Mobile going gangbusters after flopping in the USA. Check out this Barking Robot post on kids' use of mobile phones in other countries. [Guardian] [Times Online] [Tech Crunch]

Under 30 and Kicking Ass? Derek Johnson, the founder of popular group text messaging service Tatango has created a user-powered list of entrepreneurs/CEOs under the age of 30 to help connect young entrepreneurs to one another.

If you are a young entrepreneur under the age of 30, you can add yourself to the list here. Derek has also posted a video from his recent talk on personal branding. Good stuff. Watch it! [Big Ideas From a Young Mind] [Game Change Ventures]

Tweet of the Week: "I could never be a rock star guy who trashes hotel rooms. All I think is "someone's mother has to clean it up." -- @ThisIsRobThomas [Twitter]

Nielsen Debunks Myths on Teens & TV: According to Nielsen, teenagers are far from abandoning TV for so-called new media. In fact, television viewing rates among U.S. teens have actually gone up 6% in the last five years.

If you've been a long time reader of Barking Robot, this research isn't really, uhm, news. More excellent analysis on the Nielsen study from Anastasia over at Ypulse. [Tech Crunch] [Ypulse] [Barking Robot]

Bad Apples? A High School Senior loses diploma over a kiss (FAIL!), a teacher gets suspended for posting gun pictures on Facebook, 60% of students at a Chicago school won't graduate and the finger pointing has already started, a Los Angeles student is barred delivering a graduation speech because she participated in a sit-in to protest teacher layoffs, and a new study finds that many teens use mobile phones to cheat in class. [Yahoo! Buzz] [AOL Switched] [CBS Chicago] [USA Today]

Social Media 4 Good: Lipton Tea has partned with National Geographic and the Rainforest Alliance to create a micro-site that tells about sustainable agriculture in general, including the origins of Lipton teas, as well as sustainability, social and economic aspects of the tea-growing and harvesting process.

Also this week, Google launched All for Good, a new service to help you find and share volunteer opportunities, and social media companies have joined forces and declared this the Summer of Social Good.

One Last Thing: Check out this good overview of social branding, MTV talks about digital strategy and youth, help for parents trying to figure out t/weens, how to filter out Facebook "Friends" without them knowing, teen 'prodigies' debate vital issues and stuff, learning about forgiveness from Monica Lewinsky and finally, did Michael Jackson 'Fail Whale' Twitter? Yep!  [justbrand.me] [PBS] [Connect With Teens] [AlleyInsider] [Hot Air] [Flickr] [New Media Strategies]

2009 Ypulse Mashup: Guy Kawasaki & Teen Entrepreneurs Panel

One of the highlights of the 2009 Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup was the panel discussion with 'Totally Wired Teen Entrepreneurs, moderated by Guy Kawasaki. The panel was comprised solely by teens who have started their own business.

The teen business tycoons who participated in the panel discussion were:

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Weekly Wrap: Sociology of Twitter, Bing, Miracle Whip Woos Gen Y, Doogie Howser 2.0, Campus Marketing, Gen X Loves Twitter & Taylor Swift Goes Gangsta

Kraft Woos Gen Y with Miracle Whip: Kraft Foods is trying to reintroduce Miracle Whip to younger households, particularly those who grew up eating it but might not be using it today. The strategy includes print, a Facebook page and Twitter profile, other social media, consumer relationship marketing tactics, sampling, in-store support, and truck fleet billboards. [MediaPost]

Doogie Howser Lives!: For eight years, Jessica Terry suffered from stomach pain so horrible, it brought her to her knees. Her doctors, no matter how hard they tried, couldn't figure out the cause of Jessica's abdominal distress.Then one day in January, Terry, 18, figured it out on her own. [CNN]

Steps to Refresh your Campus Media Plan: Jason Bakker, author of the EngageGenY blog, lays out some good information that you can use when marketing to college age Gen Y's. You can also check out my Campus Marketing Recap from the 2009 Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup. [MediaPost] [Barking Robot]

Gen X, Gen Y & Twitter: At the 09 Ypulse Mashup there was lots of talk about how Gen Y/Millenials don't really dig "the Twitter." So who's driving the Twitter bus? Turns out it's Gen X who is love with Twitter. [Jessie X]

What Every 24-35 Year Old's Facebook Profile Really Says: Zombies. Facebook Apps. All that damn poking. What's the deal with Facebook? Holy Taco explains it all. [Holy Taco]

The Sociology of Twitter: Sociologist and ethnographer, Liz Pullen, spent a month tracking the top 500 Twitter users (as ranked by number of followers) as well as the much-contested suggested users list. In tracking these accounts, she also closely analyzed the behaviors of new adopters and their expectations of the service. [Read, Write, Web]

Search vs. Decision or Library vs. Librarian: A few days ago Microsoft launched Bing, it's new "decision engine", to mostly positive reviews. It even, according to some reports, kicked some Google and Yahoo! booty in the process. In this blog post, Robert Stinnett explains how Bing is his "librarian in a world full of books". [RobertStinnett.com]

Mobile Internet Booming:
Mobile internet access increased by 36% in the US last year, but the number of Americans (18 million, ages 13+) who connect to the mobile web is still relatively low compared with the 100 million users who connect via mobile in China, according to a recent report from Netpop.

One Last Thing: Taylor Swift goes Gangsta, Vlingo research finds 94% of teens use their mobile phone to text, MTVU launches
an incubator for aspiring college filmmakers, the best wedding invite in the history of the world, plus 10 ways to use mobiles and social media to connect with Gen Y.