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image from asksmartypants.comGirls might be into pink, pop stars, and ponies, but some of the fastest growing brands among girls are those that might be considered boyish, according to Young Love™, the nation's largest study of brands among kids aged 6-12.

The annual study, conducted by leading youth and family research firm, Smarty Pants, ranks kids' and moms' affinity for 250 brands each year. The study shows that girls are rapidly becoming fans of "boy brands" — from construction toys to superheroes to sports gear. 

One of the key findings from the 2012 Young Love study is that girls have a strong affinity for brands that are generally perceived as "boy brands."

They still like pink, ponies, and princesses, but, from Beyblade to Madden NFL to superheroes, girls are having fun with products designed with boys in mind. They're taking a cue from older female role models, believing they can do anything that boys can do — and be into any brand, regardless of the intended target audience.

Young Love 2012 Survey Results

In the case of LEGO, the brand's current girl surge is partially due to the new LEGO Friends line. The brand stirred up a slight controversy when it was first released because it referenced female stereotypes (play sets include a beauty salon and horse riding academy alongside an inventor's workshop and tree house).

But the success of the line and the corresponding rise in Kidfinity™ for LEGO show that girls are clearly happy to have a construction-based toy line created specifically for them.

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