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I've been reading some newly released social TV research from the Nielsen folks and found some interesting facts.

These are good tips when trying to leverage social media to generate buzz for television. It's chock full of really great data on how viewers generate social buzz while watching television.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Twitter: Most social media buzz on the day of, week before, day after event
  • When does the most TV buzz happen on Social Networks: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 25% of social media messages include links to content
  • Facebook prioritizes posts containing media contents in the the News Feed rank (media = photo, video, links)
  • Social TV buzz grows over a show's season, for reality buzz peaks during the premier and finale
  • Females (18-34) are the most likely to create social buzz around a television show
  • Mid-season, females (35-49) impact ratings more and create the most social buzz

Television Gets Social

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