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Trend Watch: LEGO, Girls and the Color Pink

image from images.businessweek.comAlmost immediately after the iconic Danish toy company announced that they would create a line of LEGO building blocks geared especially for girls, the outcry began.

Here's a round-up of some of the coverage.

Lego is for Girls: Focusing on boys saved the toymaker in 2005. Now the company is launching Lego Friends for “the other 50 percent of the world’s children.” Will girls buy in? [Business Week]

Lego Friends: Please Build on Possibility, Brain Plasicity: No one’s trying to thwart Lego’s growth to build onward…We’d just like to refrain from mopping up the mess of mass marketing landing on girls as stereotyped limitations instead of a gateway for girls to build lands of their own. [Shaping Youth]

Lego Targets Girls with PInk Blocks, Cute Figures and No Creativity: There's nothing gendered about the most basic sets, which just contain colored blocks in different sizes, yet Lego is considered a toy for boys.

Now after extensive research, the company is releasing a new line to woo girls, but the way they're going about it may give you the urge to kick over your brother's Tatooine playset. [Jezabel]


VIDEO: Lego's Billion Dollar Girl [Business Weekly]

What do you think? Are LEGO Friends sexist? Are people overreacting? What's your take?

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