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Ethan Bloch over at Flowtown has created a great infographic that shows how women leverage the social Web, which sites they use, and how much/why they participate.

These most recent stats show that women are online and interacting on social sites just as much — if not, more — than their male counterparts. More than half of all American women engage in social media related activities at least once a week, and Millenials and Gen X women (not surprisingly) use it the most.

And while not part of this infographic, other research shows that a substantial number of women are accessing social media sites via their mobile phones.

One number that caught my attention: according to this research 56% women reported visiting MySpace at least once a week. If true, MySpace--long rumored to be on 'death watch' status-- may actually have (wait for it) a Second Life after all. *groan*

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