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What Can Pop Learn From Lady Gaga's Telephone?

It's fair to say Lady Gaga's new video has caused a stir. Since it surfaced on Thursday night, the world's media – with the possible exception of John Pilger, and even he probably muttered a tentative OMG in private – have offered their opinion on Telephone. The more thoughtful of these have focused on the alarming amount of product placement the video contains.

The nine-and-a-half minute clip plugs at least 10 separate brands, including Virgin Mobile, DietCoke, Polaroid (for which Gaga is a creative director, though whether she attends board meetings wearing her jacket made of Kermit heads is unclear), and Wonder Bread.

It's this last one that puzzled me. White bread is not aspirational. When I'm in the bakery aisle of Morrisons, I don't tend to think "hmmm, which sliced loaf would Gaga go for"?

Gaga's product placement has reached a new order, but how might pop have looked if such blatant commercial opportunism had always been the norm?

via www.guardian.co.uk

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