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Lady GaGa Joins Forces with Virgin Mobile to Fight Youth Homelessness

Lady GaGa (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is leveraging "the fame" and joining forces with the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation pro-social initiative to provide awareness, funding and volunteerism to tackle youth homelessness.

Virgin Mobile USA and Lady GaGa are working together to connect organizations that care about homeless youth with young people who want to help. In exchange for volunteering at a youth homeless shelter, Virgin Mobile and Lady GaGa are offering select volunteers the opportunity to attend one of her upcoming shows.

Recent figures estimate that over two million youth (between the ages of 12 and 24) will experience at least one episode of homelessness each year and over 100,000 youth sleep on the street for 6 months or more in America. 

Youth homelessness is the result of other societal problems like poverty, drug abuse and addiction, mental illness and domestic violence which is often spiked in cases of homophobia. Young people who've grown up homeless often spend much of their adult lives homeless. 

I've previously blogged about my experience working with the homeless and it's a social issue that's close to my heart. In addition, I've blogged about Virgin Mobile's pro-social initiatives for homeless youth and their previous partnership with American Eagle to provide homeless youth with sweatshirt hoodies.

I think it's fantastic that Lady GaGa and Virgin Mobile are working together to shed more light on this important social issue. Kudos also to Lady GaGa for using her new found celebrity to get young people engaged in this issue.

But wait--there's more! Lady Gaga has pledged to match your donation--dollar for dollar--up to $25,000. You can find all the details about Lady GaGa and Virgin Mobile RE*Generation efforts over on

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