Tips for Using Facebook with Youth
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Trend Watch: TV 2.0 & Social Television & Mobile TV


Watch Hulu With Your Facebook Friends: From the main Watch Now app you can check out any of this Fall season’s premieres of popular shows like Fringe, The Office, Heroes, Family Guy, and more.

You can stream them from the Facebook app as soon as they become available on Hulu, and see them side by side with what other watchers are saying. [Mashable]

Comcast Pushing TV to Mobile Phones: The Open Mobile Video Coalition is rolling out a free mobile TV standard across the United States that will be usable with future cell phones, laptops, video game systems, and other portable gadgets. [Information Week]

Verizon FiOS TV Integrates Facebook & Twitter: Verizon FiOS TV is adding Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as several other social media options, to its service.

Similar to the integrations we’ve seen on the Web, this allows you to update your status on either network when watching a given show or event and also see what your friends or the larger social media community is saying about it. [Mashable]

Viewers Hunger for Web and TV at Same Time: Nielsen said in a report that 57% of U.S. television viewers are increasingly turning on the Web, tuning into television and not missing a beat on either, as simultaneous TV and Internet use continues to rise, research firm Nielsen said on Wednesday. (Related: Earlier this year I wrote about the increase in multi-platform media consumption.) [Reuters]

Mobile TV Goes to App School: Apps like the CBS March Madness, MLB at Bat, PGA Championship, TMZ, etc. capture my interest for video because their specific topics capture my interest and they all deliver more than video.

They deliver experiences and content part of which involves video. They are targeted, easily accessible, rich, diverse and at least five to 10 clicks closer to me than any video on a deck. [MediaPost]

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