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Project HEALTH: College Students on the Front Lines The Oprah's Angel Network, the philanthropic organization founded by Oprah Winfrey, has awarded a grant to Project HEALTH--an organization that connects undergraduate volunteers with low-income patients and their families with the resources they need to be health.

Project HEALTH taps college students for several reasons. Besides being a readily available workforce, they bring technical expertise and tenacity to tracking down information for families—whether it’s as simple as Googling directions to a food bank or navigating a family through a bureaucratic maze of paperwork to apply for food stamps.

As alumna Mia Lozada, now a University of Chicago medical student, observed:

"My classmates think you write a prescription, and you're done. I ask, can the patient read the prescription? Does she have health insurance to fill it? Does she need transportation to the pharmacy? Does she have food at home to take with the prescription?"

From whatever their vantage, Project HEALTH's alumni are powerful advocates for a new vision for health care in this country."

At time when we hear lots of pundits talk about how self-absorbed Millennial's are, it's refreshing to run across a story like this that debunks generational stereotypes.

Project HEALTH currently recruits on 10 university campuses in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Providence and Baltimore. You can find out more about the program, including how you can become a volunteer over on the Project Health website. You can also join the Project HEALTH group or fan page on Facebook.

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