TV 2.0, Fried Chicken & Facebook
A Visual Breakdown of the Twitter Community

Weekly Wrap: Nokia, Facebook & MoSoSo, iPhone Powered Future, MXit, Brand Perception & Social Media, Free Social Buttons & More!

Nokia, Facebook Link GPS & Social Networking: For more than a year Nokia execs have been forecasting that the GPS capability of high-end mobile phones would mesh with social networks. Now the Finnish handset maker is trying to get out in front of the trend, announcing an agreement with Facebook that will let users broadcast their locations to friends. [Business Week]

STATS: Average Twitter User is a Teen Girl: Yet another Twitter demographic analysis seems to suggest that contrary to popular belief, teens do tweet… perhaps even while they’re sexting. According to the data, the average Twitter user is female and in her late teens. [Mashable]

Tweet O' the Week: "I think I wasted 3 years at University as Twitter is proving more informative." [via @Fanboy30 aka: Matthew Parsons]

Social Media Dad Sees an iPhone Powered Future: Whether iPhone or its mobile brethren, we're finally gravitating to that once overhyped vision: the all-in-one device. We're also gravitating to a principle I dub SNAP: Simple, Now, Accessible, and Practical. Let's dissect what I mean here. (Turns out mom's are on the same page.) [AdAge] [Barking Robot]

Characteristics of Hispanic Millennials: As a market segment, Millennials are shaking the foundations of advertising and media. Enabled by technology, their lifestyle is characterized by instant text messaging, mobile media, and virtual social networking. (Also related) [Target Latino] [Barking Robot]

MXit Mixes Mobile Networks with Social Networking: The South Africa-based wireless service is gaining millions of developing-world users by emphasizing social change, not just music and games. [Business Week]

SocNets Have Tiny Effect on Brand Perception: Though many big brands are diving headfirst into social networks with hopes of enhancing their image, an overwhelming 96% of employed consumers say their opinion of a product brand does not change if that brand has no presence on a social networking site. [Marketing Charts]

What Social Buttons Should Go on Your Site? The short answer is that there is no standard answer for each site … but scaling down what should not have buttons can help you find the right answer for your site. (Designer Davide di Cillo has created a free set of social buttons for your website. Thanks Davide!) [10e20] [Davide di Cillo]

Speed Round: Two-thirds of Gen Y want to connect online but NOT to be your friend, Nokia showed off "Lifecasting with Ovi" that integrates its phones with Facebook , teens are three times more receptive to mobile advertising than adults, at Xoddo .com, kids can design their own plush monster toy creation and have it shipped.....and finally Staples (with some help from Mr. Youth) helps teens fill needy student backpacks! [Talent Insights] [WSJ] [MediaPost] [Xoddo] [Cause Marketing]

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