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Morgan Stanley Report on Youth Media Consumption

Music 2.0: MTV Survey, MySpace Mobile, Twitter & Music, Warner Music Tax

MTV Survey Warns Of Loud Music's Impact on Hearing: MTV study on loud music & hearing loss looks to media, health pros to raise prevention awareness. [Ypulse]

MySpace: A Place For Phones:
One question the effort to refocus on entertainment raises is how the shift affects the site's mobile strategy. Earlier this year, MySpace CEO Chris De Wolfe expressed big ambitions for the company's mobile business. [MediaPost]

10 Ways to Share Music on Twitter: Turns out, there are plenty of ways to share tunes on Twitter as well. Here are ten of the best ways to tweet about what you’re listening to. [Mashable]

Fewer Teens Share Music Illegally: The survey of 1,000 fans also shows that many14 to 18 year olds are now streaming music regularly online using services such as YouTube and Spotify. [Guardian UK]

Twitter Music Chart: A Billboard Hot 100 for Twitter? Since so much music is shared on the microblogging service, it’s possible to use this data to figure out which songs are attracting the most buzz, much like Twitter’s trending topics. [Mashable]

Search Engines for Music Lovers: If you have trouble finding music on the Web, you'll be happy to know there are search engines designed specifically for finding your favorite tunes. They can help you stream everything from Top 40 hits to classics. [CNET]

EMI is Screwed. Utterly Screwed: What is EMI’s role in this new music ecology? [Music Think Tank]

Five Ways the Mobile Phone will Change How You Listen to Music: The portable music revolution has only been with us for a few years, but we may already be on the cusp of the another paradigm shift. [Wired]

British Music Ranks Number One on the World Scale:  According to a new survey, one in three Americans agreed that when it comes to popular music, the Brits hit the right notes. [Transatlanticism]

Music Marketing Lessons From Groove Armada And Neko Case: In an interesting study in contrasts, this past week we’ve come across two artists who are taking slightly different approaches to arrive at the same goal: to get you to listen to their latest album and share it with your friends. [Ypulse]

Warner Music Pitches Music Tax To Universities: You Pay, We Stop Suing: The idea would be to get various ISPs to simply add an additional fee to everyone’s internet access, have that money go into a pool that the recording industry would be responsible for paying out — and then let people have free reign for file sharing. We hadn’t heard much about this music tax lately, but apparently attention is now being focused on getting universities to buy into the plan. [TechDirt]

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