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Global Youth: The Sexual Revolution of Chinese Youth

Advocates for Youth, an organization focused on helping young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health, has a very interesting blog post about the sexual revolution going on among Chinese youth.

The piece, Chinese Youth and Their Quiet Sexual Revolution, was researched and written by Mark Hiew who has lived in China for the last two years. Hiew has interviewed several of his Chinese friends regarding their attitudes and perceptions towards sexuality.

In many ways, Hiew contends that the sexual mores of Chinese youth mirror that of Western teens. Chinese youth, like their American counterparts are having sex at a younger age and have limited access to information on safe sex practices from either parents or school.

Some other interesting tidbits from Hiew's piece:

  • Several Chinese language web sites and message boards exist dedicated to sexuality topics, and now radio programs are openly answering anxious youngster’s pleas for advice—think Dr. Drew, but speaking Mandarin;
  • Unlike the West, in China both men and women who are percieved to be "too promiscuous" are widely and equally scorned by their peers;
  • Young women are free to dress as “tomboys” in men’s clothing and short hairstyles without ruffling many feathers, whereas any men considered too effeminate or homosexual in styling are largely condemned as “sissies;
  • This is a country modernizing as much in the bedroom as it is on the work floor.

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