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Report: Gen Y Wants TV to Get More Social from Park Associates found that over one-fourth of broadband users ages 18-24 are interested in having social media features integrated on their TV.

The report,
Social Media & User-Generated Content, found that  multiplayer gaming, in-program chat, and “most watched” lists were among the most desired social extensions sought out by Gen Y respondents.

This should come as welcome news to companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and Netflix--all of who are actively seeking ways to push the web--and presumably our social networks--into our living rooms and television sets.

This research also dovetails with other research finding that Gen Y doesn't watch TV and when they do, they
prefer to watch programming or access content on their own terms and time line. And given their

Other highlights from the Parks Report:

  • Younger consumers appetite for social experiences don’t end on the computer screen, but are enhanced via their access on TVs and mobile phones;
  • This expansion of social media has implications for service providers, advertisers, and CE manufacturers as well as the networking sites;
  • 23% of U.S. broadband households want to view content from sites like YouTube and Flickr on their TVs.
  • Forecasts 95 million social networking users by 2013.

What's next? Facebook or Twitter on your TV? Never say never, eh?

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