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Yes. You read that correctly.

So here's the Cliffs Notes version: Zachary Moir's mom asked him to stop playing video games and come down for dinner. Zach was having a really good run on the Xbox, so he just ignored his mom and kept playing. She then went upstairs and unplugged the Xbox and told him to come down for dinner.

Enraged that she has pulled the plug, Zach went downstairs and threw a taco in her face. Mom had just enough of his nonsense and called the cops. Now he's sitting in jail.

I could go on and on about this story, but I like what Hey Josh wrote better (and I think you will too):

Here’s my advice that you didn’t ask for:

1)  Don’t hit women.

2)  Don’t hit women with tacos.

3) Don’t waste food.

4)  I understand you had a strong run on Lego Star Wars or whatever you were playing…  but seriously, you can pause your Xbox bro.

5)  You are going to be made fun of a lot, brace yourself.  You are now the butt of every talk-show joke for the next few days…

6)  Try to make them laugh with you.  Maybe pitch Taco Bell a new marketing campaign “Taco Bell: Throw outside the (X) Box”  They will probably pass.

7) By the way, does your jail cell have Xbox?  No?  Hmm…

In your face, and in your jail-cell.

Amen Hey Josh. Amen.

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