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Generation Video: Teens Consume Online Video

New research from Nielsen Online finds that in April 2008 "kids consumed more streams than those over 18, and spent more time watching online video from home." The study cites that this generation of kids has grown up with the web and online content, so "their adoption of online video has been seamless."

Here's video consumption broken down by age group:

  • Kids 2-11 viewed an average of 51 streams and 118 minutes of online video
  • Teens 12-17 viewed an average of 74 streams and 132 minutes of online video.
  • Those over 18 viewed an average of 44 streams and 99 minutes of online video.

Among the most popular t/ween video sites:

This is important data because it shows marketers where they need to be in order to tap into the lucrative teen market. For educators this research provides us with insight on how to leverage web-based technology to facilitate learning.

Imagine asking students to go home and watch a video online versus reading a chapter out of that big boring textbook. Odds are, especially in light of this research, that you would have very few students who failed to complete their "homework."

Moreover, we are on the cusp of the mobile video revolution which will allow us leverage and combine teens love of mobile phones and video to provide "on demand" learning (and marketing) opportunities.

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