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Gen Y: Growing Up Digital and Sharing (Way) Too Much

As Gen Y moves from the classroom into the working world, they are beginning to discover that they may have "social networking skeletons" in their digital closets waiting to pop out and potentially  derail their careers. As a result, Gen Y is quickly learning that with age, comes social networking wisdom.

  • ABC News > After Years of Telling All, 20-Somethings Start to Clam Up: In this report Gen Y college students talk about how their all too public and well documented "private life" can impact them in ways they hadn't considered. As a result, many students are now "censoring their social networking" profiles, pictures, and posts.
  • ABC News > Schools, Parents Cracking Down on Web Socializing: Some students are sharing and documenting a little too much on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. Police and campus administrators are regularly monitoring social networking sites for evidence of crime, underage sex, drug and alcohol use. Some college administrators are banning the use of social networking sites on campus computers.
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