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Slide into Learning

Slide is a nifty little photo scrolling program that allows you to publish image-based content (via RSS or iPhoto 6) directly to a Slide Player. Teachers and students can use Slide to create and share presentations right on their desktop!

The great thing about Slide is that it knows how to play nice with other kids in the Web 2.0 sandbox. This means you can use Slide to create your own mash-up with other web-based services like Flickr or YackPack. Or even the "dreaded" MySpace (shhh, it's our secret).

For example, I created a Slide Show on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake using the Flickr tag "1906". Slide even provides you with the HTML snippet so you can embed your Slide Show into your web site or blog. Or a student could subscribe to the class Slide feed and view it on their desktop Slide Player. Pretty slick, eh?

Imagine the ways students and teachers can use Slide in the classroom! One key benefit of Slide is the ability for student's to subscribe directly to your RSS feed. This way you know exactly what content will be scrolling across their computer screen.

Slide also holds great potential to deliver on-demand learning opportunities for online learning communities or e-learning. Slide and YackPack together may even prove to be a good alternative to a PowerPoint presentation.

So many possibilities!

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